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"As you blink the grogginess from your eyes, you remember what's happened and why you are here..."

Seems you didn't think your escape plan through when your ran into the forest of Diana. 

Too bad. 
Now everything, including your pursuer, is out for your blood. 
Can you find the way out, or will you fall prey to the forest?

'The White Stag'. The most exalted prize of the forest. 
Only the greatest of hunters can hope to claim its head. 
It's rather unfortunate to know that such a man is the one pursuing you.

But what is this? As you traverse the forest, a darker reality will be unveiled. 
Blood-soaked liaisons, sorrow, hatred and lust all melded together in the life of your pursuer. 
Could it be? 
Is it even possible to think that the hunter may have deeper reasons for pursuing you aside from pride?

The Hunt was made in the RPG Maker VX Ace engine. It contains puzzles, chases, and multiple endings. Your 

choices throughout the game will not only determine what ending you'll get, but will also change some of the dialogue and gameplay along the way. 

The game is designed to allow the player to skip over a large amounts of exploration and puzzles if they want to simply escape the forest. However, if you want to know what's going on, you will have to look carefully. It's easy to miss or simply gloss over important items and information.

At the start of the game, you will be provided with the choice of displaying NOTES. NOTES in the game provide information that will make your progression easier. If you don't enable NOTES, you may encounter surprises, but it will allow you to have a more challenging and potentially more fun experience. Ultimately it depends on 
what you as the gamer would prefer, easy progression or immersive gameplay. Keep in mind that the NOTES for the most part will only provide information on how to escape. They will not provide a lot of information towards finding secret endings or information.

There are seven different endings. 

While pixelated, this game does contain: 
- Gruesome depictions of death and dismemberment 
- Various mentions of sex, rape, torture, and murder
- Dark/depressing themes
- May display images near the end containing non-sexualized nudity

The Hunt was originally a 2015 free indie game. 
It's been rebuilt and published on Steam  and other social gaming platforms to support the developer.



The Hunt - Demo 2'.exe 380 MB